HPF-T027- This fiber cable is configured using right angle viewing lenses. The lenses allow extra scanning power through the impervious Teflon(r) PFA covering that is vacuum formed
around the sensing tip and fiber cable body. Cable may be cut to length at the sensor end.

HPF-T029 – This fiber cable pair is the latest technology in Teflon cabling. Bend radius of 20 mm is best in class. Scanning ranges of 5.25 meters when used with high power mode of the new HPX-NT series is also best in class. Additionally, the price is 40% lower than the traditional industry standard.

This fiber cable pair is completely covered by an impervious, vacuum formed Teflon (PTFE) layer over the sensing head and body of the fiber cable. The sensor end may be cut to length. This cable pair can be used in cleaning baths, chemical baths, and spin coaters/developers found in semiconductor processes. Fiber cable assemblies are 100% positive pressure tested to insure no leaks before shipment.

Catalog Listing/Specifications
HPF-T027 HPF-T029
Diameter 5 mm 4.7 mm
Covering PFA Covered Side
Viewing Thru Scan Pair
PTFE Covered
Thru Scan Pair
Bending Radius 80 mm 20 mm
Operation Temperature -30 to 70°C -30 to 70°C
Price Point —– 40% reduced price
Scan Range ChartYamatake Amplifier Series
HPX-ETS 250 mm 1050 mm
HPX-NT HP 1200 mm 5250 mm
HPX-NT NL 690 mm 3000 mm
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