Maintenance Grease – Multemp LRL No.3 – Convenient 2 oz Tube Now Available! 

For linear guides, ball screws, spindles and actuators

  • Premium synthetic grease
  • Excellent wide temperature range: -58°F ~ 302°F
  • High and low speed performance
  • Leakage resistant
  • Longer life performance than leading brands


  • 2 oz Tube
  • 14 oz Cartridge
  • 400 g Cartridge (fits Japanese grease gun)
  • Other industrial containers available
shop Kyodo Yushi products
shop Kyodo Yushi products

Multemp PS No. 2: for spindle ball bearing.

Citrax EP No. 2: suitable for any lubrication points/sliding parts in general.

Raremax Super N: motor bearing grease with excellent heat resistance.

Adlex: suitable for large-sized sealed bearings in general.

Molywhite RE 00: for robotics reduction gears.

Unireservoir DL-2T: for centralized lubrication systems.

DLP Cartridge Grease: for centralized lubrication systems.

Unilite DL No.00 EP: grease for centralized lubrication systems.

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