The HPF-T032 fiber cable liquid sensor features a Fail Safe design using an array style light beam. Unlike all know competitive offerings, the HPF-T032 emitter/receiver arrangement requires a beam refraction of 1.33 to 1.7 in order for the lightto be transmitted. This provides the utmost prevention of false detection due to deposits on the inside of the chemical piping. The array arrangement of the fibers provides a much higher contrast signal level and the ability to not be affected bybubbles of even 3mm size. The housing is made from GE Ultem(r) plastic that is highly resistant to most organic solvents and is capable of high temperature exposure. The HPF-T032 sensor can be used with pipe sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ (3-13mm) and the fiber cutter and mounting hardware is shipped with each sensor. A 60 micron covering of Teflon(r) PFA material protects the 5 meter fiber length from chemical attack.
Features and Benefits

  • Fail Safe Design (Semi S2 Compliant)
  • Chemically Resistant Materials
  • Pipe Size 1/8″ to 1/2″ (3-13mm)
  • Uses Multiple Beam Array – High Contrast Level
  • Inherently Safe – Optical Light

Usage Recommendation
The HPF-T032 fiber sensor has an outside fiber dimension of 2.3mm. We recommend that the HPX-NT or the HPX-ET series be used in conjunction with this fiber to insure insertion ability without scraping Teflon film upon insertion. The NT and ET sensor series are visible red in nature so penetration through slurries and ability to sense slurries same as clear liquid may be limited. The HPF-T032 is not sealed from liquid penetration so care should be taken to protect polycarbonate prisms in sensing head from chemical attack. Please request assistance from Yamatake for programming options that will work inyour specific application.

Usage Notes

  • Handle with care because the surfaces can be damaged easily.
  • Fiber cables can be cut with included tool FE-PA-F1.
  • Cutter (1), Cord Ties (2) and Anti-Slip Tubes (2) are included.
  • Liquid droplets or bubbles may cause incorrect operation.
  • Sensing stability depends on the liquid characteristics (color refractive index, viscosity), so that it is necessary to confirm the operation before using.
  • Material – Case: PEI (Black), Inner Prism: PC (Clear), Cord Tie: PA66 (Black), Anti-Slip Tube: Silicon Resin (Black).
  • This fiber unit is not of water-proof structure.


Catalog Listing

5 meter Fiberoptic Cable Liquid Sensor

Scanning Type: Through Scan
Amplifier Unit: HPX-NT*, HPX-T, HPX-ETS, HPX-H
*Setting Mode: Ultra Long Distance/Standard
Usable Pipe: PFA Pipe
(Diameter 3-13mm, Thickness 1mm)
Standard Detecting Liquid: Water
Note: Sensing stability depends on the liquid characteristics (color refractive index, viscous), so that it is necessary to confirm the operation before using.
Operation Mode: Detect Liquid: Light
Non-Detect Liquid: Dark
Tensile Strength: 20N max. (Fiber Cable)
Bending Radius: R4 (Fiber Cable)
Operating Temperature: -30 to 70°C

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