The HPF-D040 fiberoptic leak detector is inherently safe in that there is no circuitry at the sensing point, only light from the associated amplifier. The amplifier would be mounted out of the immediate sensing area. The small and narrow sensing head and bracket are composed of chemically resistant Teflon(r) PFA material.

A detachable mounting bracket block with an integral 316SS mounting grommet insures adequate retention while offering easy maintenance capability. The 5 meters of cable length has a 60 micron covering of PFA material that provides chemical protection along with field cut-to-desired-length ability.

Quick detection of spills is adjustable via the amplifier used. 1ml of liquid typically is required to change the amplifier’s state. The fail safe design is achieved by conducting light back to the amplifier when liquid is not present. Liquid presence or a cable break will stop the light from being returned. Unlike the self-contained version and competitive offerings, the customer’s pan is used to stabilize and adjust the light return when setting the amplifier. If the sensor becomes unattached and no longer sees the pan reflection, the output will turn off. We call this “floating head detection” capability.

Features and Benefits

  • Sealed, Chemically Resistant Materials – 13mm circular sensor pancake lays on bottom of semiconductor wet process tool and detects liquid leak or spill by refraction light principle (see illustration on this page).
  • Inherently Safe – Optical light is used from a remotely mounted fiberoptic amplifier.
  • Sealed, chemically resistant materials – PFA housing and bracket with 316SS mounting grommet.
  • Quick Detection minimizing environmental impact and messy cleanup – typically, 1ml of liquid contact with the optical focal point will trigger the signal change. Sensitivity is adjustable to some extent by the amplifier used.
  • Fail Safe Design – Sensing light is conducted from amplifier emitter, reflected off pan, then returned to amplifier receiver. When liquid is present or cable breaks, amplifier changes state.
  • Floating Head Detection Capability – If the sensing head becomes unattached from the pan, the amplifier will change state. There is no reflective surface included in the head design.
Usage Notes
  • Handle with care because the surfaces can be damaged easily.
  • Material – Sensor Housing: PFA, Mounting Base: PFA, Grommet: SUS316L, Fiber Cable: See “Viewed from A”.
  • Fiber cables can be cut with an included tool FE-PA-F1.
  • Depending on color and viscosity of the liquid, no detection can be made.
  • Do not make over-stress on the housing by pulling the cables.
  • Mounting base can be detached from the sensor body
Scanning Type: Diffuse Scan
Target: Liquid
Note: Depending on color and viscosity of the liquid, no detection can be made
Tensile Strength: 10N max.
Bending Radius: R20mm min.
Operating Temperature: -30+70 C
Amplifier Unit: HPX-A, HPX-H, HPX-ET, HPX-NT
(Letters and numbers depend on specifications)
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