Piston Lubricator SST – H2 Series



Aluminum Body
Enlarged robust aluminum cover 
Enhance heat dissipation to prolong product life

Feed Button
User can discharge more lubricant when necessary 
Embedded spark reducer can upgrade reliability 
Embossed button help easier operation

Durable Induction Motor




Model SST H2
Voltage (single phase) 110V or 220V
Consumption Power(W) 210
Output Power (W) 90
Capacity of Terminal Output(A) 0.3(Float Switch) 5(Pressure Switch)
Lubrication time Cooperate with PLC control system
Intermittent Time Cooperate with PLC control system
Direction of Output Left
Output Bore Ø4 or Ø6
Max. Output Pressure (MPa) 3
Output Volume (cc/mim) 600
Pressure Release Device O
Float Switch O
Pressure Switch (MPa) 1.2-0.9(NC)
Pressure Gauge O
Tank Capacity 8L
  • Note: 1. Oil viscosity (40℃) : 30~250 cSt
  • 2. The output volume and max. output pressure as above is based on oil viscosity 68 cSt.
  • Because of continuous improvements, above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



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