Stopper Mini with Built-in Switch
ø8 x 8, Withstand load 3000N
Ministopper with a built-in switch

  • Realization of compact machine size by reducing the number of parts
  • Impact resistance 0.2J

ø8 x 8 Mini-stopper with a built-in switch

Mini switch with a hardened stopper surface.
Best suited to demanding application and equipment for installation space.

High dimensional accuracy for mounting.
Simple setting at replacement.

Mounting dimension

L : Mounting dimension


Forward / backward
end check

Forward / backward end check

Die-cast filling application

Die-cast filling application

Wafer position detection

Wafer position detection


Output mode A : Normally open
Repeatability 0.01mm
Withstand load 3000N
Impact resistance 0.2J
Stroke 0.5mm (IP44) / 0.3mm (IP67)
Signal point Middle of the stroke
Movement differential 0
Protective structure IP44 / IP67
Contact force 0.8N (IP44) / 1N (IP67)
Contact life time 10 million
Operating temperature 0~80deg C (Ice-free)
Temperature drift 0
Maximum operating speed 5m/min
Contact rating DC5V~DC24V 20mA (MAX) Resistance load
rohs compliant

Products / Download

unit : mm
Short type
Size Length
Non-threaded type STM11A IP44 ø8 Length 8
STM61A IP67 ø9 Length 11.5
Non-threaded type
with flange
STM13A IP44 ø10 Length 8
STM63A IP67 ø11 Length 11.5
Threaded type STM31A IP44 M10 Length 8
STM81A IP67 M10 Length 11.5
Threaded type
with flange
STM33A IP44 ø13 Length 8
STM83A IP67 ø13 Length 11.5
Contacting ball type STMB11A IP44 ø8 Length 11
STM35A IP44 M10 Length 11
Long type
Size Length
Non-threaded type STM12A IP44 ø8 Length 15
STM62A IP67 ø9 Length 18.5
Non-threaded type
with flange
STM14A IP44 ø10 Length 15
STM64A IP67 ø11 Length 18.5
Threaded type STM32A IP44 M10 Length 15
STM82A IP67 M10 Length 18.5
Threaded type
with flange
STM34A IP44 ø13 Length 15
STM84A IP67 ø13 Length 18.5
Contacting ball type STMB12A IP44 ø8 Length 18
STM36A IP44 M10 Length 18
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