Spring Plunger with Built-in Switch
2 tasks with 1 device

  • Housing a highaccuracy built-in switch in a spring plunger
  • Realization of compact machine size by reducing the number of parts

Housing a high-accuracy built-in switch in a spring plunger

The stroke length is relatively long and the contact force is high.
Suitable for detecting knocking out signal.


  • Knocking out check

    Knocking out check


Output mode A : Normally open / B : Normally close
Repeatability 0.01mm
Signal point 0.8mm from sensor end
Movement differential 0
Stroke 3mm
Protective structure IP40
Contact force min.6N max.11N
Life time (Spring) 3 million
Operating temperature 0~80deg C (Ice-free)
Temperature drift 0
Maximum operating speed 5m/min
Contact rating DC5V~DC24V 20mA (MAX) Resistance load
rohs compliant

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unit : mm


Product name Output mode Size
SP060A A : NO M6
SP060B B : NC M6
SP080A A : NO M8
SP080B B : NC M8
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