High-accuracy MT-Touch Sensor
0.5 micron in repetitive accuracy without an amplifier

  • Co-invented with TOYOTA in 1976
  • Protective structure IP67
  • High cost performance

Co-invented with TOYOTA in 1976

CNC工作機械に、30万台以上の採用実績MT-Touch Sensor was developed as high-precision switches working in harsh environments such as car manufacturing lines where coolant and metal cuttings exist.

In machine tool industry, accumulating total 450,000 of this type switch were already used as Tool Setters by machine tool builders.

Nowadays MT-Touch Sensors is used by many engineers that realize the cost-effectiveness it brings in various machines and automated systems.

Output highly reliable position signals. No accidental error signal.

0.0005mm repeatability without an amplifer. No movement differential. Detect microns difference in dimension.

0.5 micron in repetitive accuracy without an amplifier

Comparative chart of signal settings
Signal settings in the case of a narrow allowance range
METROL Precision Switches
Signals within the allowance
Non-contact sensors
False signals occur

Contact type switches are not affected by materials and shapes of detected objects.

Non-contact sensors

Detecting distance varies depending on the condition of objects. (Material, shape, and dimension)
Conventional way

METROL Ultra precision Switches

No influence from the external conditions or the material/ shape/ dimension
of the object.

Certain values are given for the pretravel according to each product.
Improved way

  • PretravelMT-Touch Sensor
    Pretravel 0mm *
    * Except certain models
  • CS-Touch Sensor
    Pretravel 0.2mm*
    * Except certain models

Protective structure IP67

Protective structure IP67Inner switching part is tightly sealed so that the switches can be used in a harsh machining environment
(water, oil and coolant).

High cost performance

Only ON/OFF output, but 0.0005mm for repetitive accuracy is obtained by extremely lower price than that of digital micrometers and displacement sensors.


  • Angle discrimination

    Angle discrimination

  • Compensation for drill position

    Compensation for drill position

  • Outer dimension mesurement

    Outer dimension mesurement


Output mode A : Normally open / B : Normally close
Repeatability *1 0.0005mm
Pretravel 0.2mm (A:NO) / 0mm (B:NC) / 0.3mm (for L10B)
Movement differential 0
Protective structure *2 IP67
Contact force 1N (1.5N for P11)
Contact life time 3 million
Operating temperature 0~80deg C (Ice-free)
Temperature drift 0
Maximum operating speed 5m/min
Contact rating DC5V~DC24V 20mA (MAX) Resistance load

*1 Excludes P10MC
*2 Excludes P10MC / L10B

Only for P08/P10/P10DH/P10MC
rohs compliant

Products / Download

unit : mm
Straight touch type P08 / P10 / P12
Product name Output
Stroke Size Length
P085DB-A B : NC 3mm M8 x 0.5 Length 45
P08SB-A B : NC 3mm ø8 Length 45
P10DA-A A : NO 3mm M10 x 0.5 Length 40
P10DB-A B : NC 3mm M10 x 0.5 Length 40
P10SA-A A : NO 3mm ø10 Length 40
P10SB-A B : NC 3mm ø10 Length 40
P10DKB-A B : NC 6mm M10 x 0.5 Length 60
P10DLB-A B : NC 10mm M10 x 0.5 Length 70
P12DA-A A : NO 3mm 2-M4 Length 40
P12DB-A B : NC 3mm 2-M4 Length 40
P12DLB-A B : NC 10mm 2-M4 Length 65
Sliding, angled and offset touch type P10DH
Product name Output
Stroke Size Length
P10DHA-TAW A : NO 3mm M14x0.5 Length 50
P10DHB-TAW B : NC 3mm M14x0.5 Length 50
P10SHA-TAW A : NO 3mm ø14 Length 50
P10SHB-TAW B : NC 3mm ø14 Length 50
P10DHKTB-TAW B : NC 6mm M14x0.5 Length 70
P10DHLTB-TAW B : NC 10mm M14x0.5 Length 80
Straight touch, flat type P11 / P21
Product name Output mode Contacting part Stroke Size
P11DDB-DU B : NC 1-signal 3mm 2-ø4.6
P11DMB-DU B : NC 1-signal 3mm 2-M4
P11EDB-DU B : NC 1-signal 5mm 2-ø4.6
P11EMB-DU B : NC 1-signal 5mm 2-M4
P11GDB-DU B : NC 1-signal 2mm 2-ø4.6
P11GMB-DU B : NC 1-signal 2mm 2-M4
P21EDB-DU B : NC 2-signal 5mm 2-ø4.6
P21EMB-DU B : NC 2-signal 5mm 2-M4
Large diameter contacting surface type P11H / P21H
Product name Output mode Contacting part Stroke Size
P11DDHB-U B : NC 1-signal 3mm 4-ø4.6
P11DMHB-U B : NC 1-signal 3mm 4-M4
P21EDHB-U B : NC 2-signal 5mm 4-ø4.6
P21EMHB-U B : NC 2-signal 5mm 4-M4
Sliding and angled touch type (Contacting ball type) P10MC
Product name Output mode Stroke Size Length
P10MCA A : NO 1.2mm M10 x 0.5 Length 40
P10MCB B : NC 1.2mm M10 x 0.5 Length 35
Sliding touch type (Lever type) L10B / L13B
Product name Output mode Stroke Size Length
L10B B : NC 2mm 2-ø4.6 Length 38
L13B B : NC 2mm ø15 Length 45
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