Drill Bit Breakage Detection Sensor
Mechanical (Pneumatic) drive type

  • New control Motor-Free type
  • Outstnading resistance to overcurrent and coolant


New Control Motor-Free TypeThese drill bit breakage detection sensors can be installed on automated and dedicated machine tools for detecting drill bit breakage by contacting a drill, tap, reamer or other tool.

Differences with Conventional Drill Bit Breakage Detection Methods

1.New Control Motor-Free Type
Outstanding durability in harsh environments – Long service life even in harsh environments containing cuttings and coolant

Protective Structure: IP67

2.Capable of detecting chipping through the use of special contacts


Product name DFM3
Drive method Pneumatic drive type (single-action push-out air cylinder type)
Signals 3 signals
Protective structure IP67
Stroke (rotation angle) 100 degrees
Contact force 0.1N
Minimum tool diameter 0.5mm
Operating temperature 0~60deg C
Output rating DC24V 150mA(MAX)
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