CS-Touch Sensor
The best-seller switch

  • 5 micron in repetitive accuracy without an amplifier
  • A wide variety of shapes
  • High cost performancey

M5~ Compact design

Compact designMutual interference doesn’t occur when several switches are used closely with the interval of 5mm.

Eliminate costly intermediate actuators and design the machine compact.

Existence detection

Normally, those micro switches and non-contact type sensors (such as proximity sensors) are operated by the intermediate actuators or equivalent transmitting parts. And that results in costly designed machanism.

Conventional way
Conventional way

METROL Ultra precision Switches

METROL switches can touch the detected objects directly by choosing the appropriate contacting part.

Improved way
Improved way

High cost performance

Only ON/OFF output, but 0.005mm for repetitive accuracy is obtained by extremely lower price than that of digital micrometers and displacement sensors.


Output mode A : Normally open / B : Normally close
Repeatability 0.005mm
Pretravel 0.3mm (0mm for CSM B:NC type)
Movement differential 0
Contact force 1N (1.5N for CSH)
Contact life time 10 million
Operating temperature 0~80deg C (Ice-free)
Temperature drift 0
Maximum operating speed 5m/min
Contact rating DC5V~DC24V 20mA (MAX) Resistance load
rohs compliant

Products / Download

unit : mm
Straight touch type CS / CSK / CSP
Stroke Protective
Size Length
CSJ055A A : NO 2mm IP65 M5 x 0.5 Length 30
CS065A A:NO 2.8mm IP65 M6 x 0.5 Length 40
CSS60A A : NO 2.8mm IP65 ø6 Length 40
CSS60B B : NC 2.8mm IP65 ø6 Length 40
CS067A A : NO 2.8mm IP65 M6x0.75 Length 40
CS067B B : NC 2.8mm IP65 M6x0.75 Length 40
CS081A A : NO 2.8mm IP65 M8 x 1 Length 40
CS081B B : NC 2.8mm IP65 M8 x 1 Length 40
CSS80A A : NO 2.8mm IP65 ø8 Length 40
CS087A A : NO 2.8mm IP65 M8x0.75 Length 40
CSK087A A : NO 5mm IP65 M8x0.75 Length55
CSK087B B : NC 5mm IP65 M8x0.75 Length55
CSP087A-A A : NO 2.8mm IP67 M8x0.75 Length 50
CSP087B-A B : NC 2.8mm IP67 M8x0.75 Length 50
Sliding, angled and offset touch type CSH
Product name Output
Stroke Protective
Size Length
CSH121A-A A:NO 2.8mm IP65 M12x1 Length 60
CSH121B-A B:NC 2.8mm IP65 M12x1 Length 60
CSH141A-A A:NO 2.8mm IP67 M14x1 Length70
CSH141B-A B:NC 2.8mm IP67 M14x1 Length70
Straight touch, short type CSM
Product name Output
Stroke Protective
Size Length
CSM105WA A:NO 1.5mm IP65 M10x0.5 Length 15
CSMP105WA A:NO 1.5mm IP67 M10x0.5 Length 19
CSM105CA A:NO 1.5mm IP65 M10x0.5 Length 17
CSMP105CA A:NO 1.5mm IP67 M10x0.5 Length 22
CSM105WB B:NC 1.5mm IP40 M10x0.5 Length 12
CSMP105WB B:NC 1.5mm IP67 M10x0.5 Length 16
CSM105CB B:NC 1.5mm IP40 M10x0.5 Length 17
CSMP105CB B:NC 1.5mm IP67 M10x0.5 Length 21
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