CS-Touch Sensor / Rotating lever
Rotating lever

  • Best suit for sliding and rotating objects.
  • Low contact force is available.

Rotating leverRotating lever

CS-Touch Sensor provided with a rotating shaft sustained by 2 ball bearings.

The finely adjustable contacts enable accurate and easy signal setting.


Winding check

Winding check

Detection of LCD glass Properly in the presence of water drops

Detection of LCD glass

Transparent objectTransparent object


Switch structure Contact-less
Repeatability 0.01mm
Pretravel 5 deg
Movement differential 0.05
Protective structure IP65
Contact force 0.5N
Operating temperature 0~60deg C (Ice-free)
Temperature drift 0.09 / 10~40deg C MAX
Maximum operating speed 5m/min
Power supply voltage DC+12V~DC24V
Output mode NPN open collector / PNP open collector
rohs compliant

Products / Download

unit : mm
Product name Output mode Stroke Size
CSRNATNA-L1A NPN-NO 30 deg ø10
CSRNATPA-L1A PNP-NO 30 deg ø10
CSRNBTNB-L1A NPN-NC 30 deg ø10
CSRNBTPB-L1A PNP-NC 30 deg ø10
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