NRC Coiled Pu Round Cable

NRC Coiled Pu Round Cable 

Model/Item No.:NRC-25
Origin : Taiwan
Product Specifications/Features :
     A1.1 No. of conductor 25C.
     A1.2 Material Stranded;tinned copper wire.
     A1.3 AWG size & composition 28 AWG(30 strands/0.08mm).
     A1.4 Diameter Nominal 0.6mm.
     A2.1 Material Polypro Pylene.
     A2.2 Nom. Thickness 0.16mm.
     A2.3 Nom diameter 0.74mm.
     A2.4 Rated Temperature 80℃.
     A2.5 Rated Voltage 30V.
     A3.1 Material Manner Overall Alurninum / polyester tape Wrapped,A1.side faced out.
     A3.2 Overlap Min. 25%.
A4.Drain wire
     A4.1 Material Stranded;tinned copper wire.
     A4.2 AWG size & composition 24AWG (7 strands / 0.20mm).
     A4.3 Diameter Nominal 0.60mm.
     A4.4 Note The drain wire is laid in between Aluminum/polyester shield and braid.
A5.Electrical & physicalProperties
     A5.1 Conductor resistance: AT 20℃ 237 OHMS/KM MAX.
     A5.2 Insulation resistance: AT 20℃ 100M OHMS/KM  MIN.
     A5.3 Dielectric strength: AC-500V/1 MIN.
     A5.4 Spark test: 2KV IN AIR.
     A6.1 Material TPU (TEMPERATURE RATING-40℃)
     A6.2 Nom Thickness 1.0.
     A6.3 Overall diameter 7.0mm .



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