Digital Code Rotary Switch 

Model/Item No.:NDS
Origin : Taiwan
Product Specifications/Features :
1. NDS Series:
     . The series of rotary switch can be applied to multi-function switching on the operation
 panel of machine tool, such as axis selection, feed rate and override, etc.
2. Feature:
     . Metal housing and clearly graduation
     . To provide 15, 30, 13.85, 27.69° degree to be choice
     . To provide many types of encoder code to use
    . The shafts are firm and skid-proof.
     . Including inhibit and parity signal to prevent the error signal
     . Coating gold metal on contact points, stable resister of contact
     . Body installs o-ring and waterproof design. (IP65)
     . New design is easy to install.
     . Save wiring operation and input signal point
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