1. CEN03 type is without timer (also could be controlled by Programmable Logic Controller) and has to work with volume distributors. With CAB or CBB type volume distributor, oil will feed during operation time. With CDB or T type volume distributor, oil will feed during interval time.

2. The discharge volume is fixed. The lubrication points of volume distributor supply a fixed flow of oil.

3. It has a spark-eliminator inside to prevent the sparks producing when the electric current is running. The spark-eliminator can avoid PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to be interfered.

4. CEN03 type has a pressure switch device and been set up as 8kg/㎝², which assures the oil volume of lubrication point and check if the piping works normally. The standard specification is NC (Normal Close) contact, which means if the pressure is abnormal, it will have signal. NO (Normal Open) contact is on request.

5. It has a float switch that can detect the oil volume. When oil is lower than the minimum level, the float switch will automatically send a continuous signal.

6. It has a pressure gauge where an operator can check the pressure easily.

7. Please don’t press the force feed-oil ( Fbutton) more than three minutes in order to avoid overloading. When the temperature reachs 100 ℃,the sensor will be on stop the motor continue running about 5 minutes.

8. Its functionis similar to CEN04 type. The difference is CEN03 type is without timer and CEN04 type is controlled by a timer. CEN01 and CEN02 types are resistance type lubricators.

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